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What are audiences saying about Undateable on Twitter?

"Undateable was funny, heartfelt, and uncomfortably true, my

point is, SEE IT!" - Krystal Angel

"Just saw @UndateableShow A great show with fantastic, beyond funny,

talented actors! If you're in LA go to @SecondCityLA Friday's at 9PM!"

-Melina Kanakaredes

Undateable Press

“Emphasis on heart sets Second City apart” - LA Weekly

"Imaginatively directed by Frank Caeti." - Arts in LA

“Why isn’t this show playing in every major metropolitan city?" -Emily Macintosh, My Life On Match & More

“Relevant to all sexy singletons.” -Carrie Blogshaw

“An opus unlike anything you’ve seen before.” -Patch

"A Must-See!" - Joe's Daily

“A show with zest, crude flavor, and an insanely intelligent concept.” - Neon Tommy 

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